Interior Tower & Hanging

Interior Tower & Hanging - image #1Interior Tower & Hanging - image #2
Interior Tower & Hanging - image #1
Interior Tower & Hanging - image #2

Our white 'Interior Tower with Hanging' is manufactured from 15mm white MFC.  The shelves and side panels are all pre drilled, ready for you to screw into place, to created a sturdy shelving tower that also acts as the support for the 3 hanger bars.

Comprising of 5 shelves, 3 hanger bars (each approx 1.24m long) and hanger rod brackets.

The hanger bars/rods can be positioned at any height between walls and the tower.

Maximum span is just over 2.8m (2800mm), but the hanger rods can be cut down to span smaller widths.

The tower unit is 380mm deep (front to back), and 364mm wide, and 2030mm high.




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