Sliding Wardrobe Mirror, Glass & Panel Colours

Mirror Panels

There are 3 main choices for mirror sliding wardrobe doors.  Standard mirror, sometimes referred to as silver mirror, is by far the most popular, but always worth considering are the 2 tinted versions of this.  They both have the same mirror backing, but the glass is either tinted slightly grey or slightly bronze, to give more of an atmospheric reflection.  Both are very much back in fashion in the furniture industry.  All mirror and glass is safety laminated to BS EN 12600.

Standard Coloured Glass

The standard coloured glass for our slidng wardobe doors are all 4mm safety laminated to BS EN 12600.  The glass is lacquered on the rear side, so the paint surface cannot be scratched, and the glass gives a high quality, durable reflective surface.  They are mostly price band B, but you will notice that some are the lower cost price band A.  A is of the same quality, but we buy in higher volume so the price is cheaper.  You may notice some in price band D.  These are special glass finishes, but sold at a lower price, again because we buy in higher volume.

Special Colour Glass (Premium Gloss & Matelac Satin)

Our special coloured sliding wardrobe door glass come in two main categories.  The first being the price category C, which are the premium glossy finishes.  Although they look similar in quality to price band B, they may require a very pure glass so as not to tint the paint colour, or they may be run in very small volumes, hence the  increased price.  Price Band E are the most expensive.  These are mostly Matelac glass, which is a brand name for coloured glass with a frosted front, which results in a matt or satin finish.  The additional process of frosting results in the increased cost.

Wood MFC Panels

Most of the wooden panels we use for sliding wardrobe doors are 8, 10 or 18mm MFC from Egger, who are known to be one of the highest quality suppliers in Europe.  Some of the colours here we will have in stock, and some we will purchase to satisfy your order.  If you know of an Egger colour thats not listed, simply contact us and we will check of we can purchase it for you as a special order.

Plain Coloured MFC Panels

Again, most of our plain MFC sliding wardrobe panels are supplied by Egger in either 8, 10 or 18mm MFC.  If there is a colour you require that is not listed, please contact us and we can check to see if it can be made available as a special order.

Mawby & King Special Glass Finishes

Some very interesting glass finishes from Mawby and King designed specifically for sliding wardrobe doors.  These are special order only.  Please contact us for prices and availability.



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