Sliding Wardrobe Frame & Track Finishes

Aluminium Frames

For the nicest quality doors we usually recommend aluminium as the solidity and quality of  the anodized (hardened) surface is outstanding.  The colours are also now at the height of fashion in more than just the furniture industries.  Combine with tinted mirror, or any of our glass finishes for the highest quality look.

Brushed Aluminium Frames

Brushing of the aluminium surface before its anodised just adds that extra ‘something’.  Only available on Niagara, Calgary and Victoria.  The brushing process will cost you a bit more, but the finish is beautiful.

Polished Aluminium Frames

Polished aluminium frames have been polished to be as smooth as possible before finishing with the goal of replicating a chrome finish.  Silver is most similar to normal chrome, and the graphite is darker grey colour.

Steel Frames – Plain Colours

Steel door frames and tracks are the most cost effective.  They are powder coated or laminated on top of high quality galvanized steel.  The plain colours are all the same cost except Chrome which commands a premium.

Steel Frames – Wood Effects

The wood effect is achieved by laminating a hard wearing foil over the steel surface.  This foil is printed with the wood effect, and may be embossed to replicate the grain.  The result being a surface that looks and feels like real wood, but is much more hard wearing, and the steel gives strength to the door.  Wood effects command a price premium over the painted plain colours.



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