Frequently Asked Questions

Are tracks included with my sliding wardrobe doors?

Yes, we supply matching tracks with all our sliding wardrobe doors at NO additional cost.  You do not need to buy them separately. Tracks will be supplied slightly oversized, unless you ask us to do otherwise.  Our trade customers prefer it this way so they can cut the tracks perfectly on-site, but we appreciate that some customer may want us to cut exactly, which we are happy to do, just make sure you make this clear when you please your order.

What are your high-gloss coloured glass sliding wardrobe doors made of?

Our coloured glass sliding wardrobe doors are made from glass that is lacquered (painted) on the reverse side and then laminated with a safety film that passes British and Europeans safety standards (Laminated to BS EN 12600, this is the newer European version of BS 6206).  Its the highest quality gloss finish on the market and has a high scratch resistance.

Do I need wall and floor liners, and if so what are they for?

You do not always need floor or wall liners but they do frame the opening nicely,and also give you an opportunity to square your opening by packing them out until they are vertical or horizontal.  They are also a way of dealing with skirting boards on the wall.  We do recommend them on the floor if you are installing on top of carpet, if your doors have soft close.

Are floor and wall liners the same as ‘strike plates’?

Yes, strike plates, wall liners and floor liners are all basically the same thing.  In simple terms they are a strip of wood that frame your sliding wardrobe doors, either on the floor or on the walls.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all of our sliding wardrobe doors and interior prices included VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Are sliding wardrobe doors easy to install?

Made to measure sliding wardrobe doors are easy, as you simply screw the top track to the ceiling and the floor track on the floor, and you’re done.  Side panels are also easy, but you will need to cut your panel to the correct height.  Build downs (for small standard sized doors) take a bit more effort, so if you’re not a competent DIYer, then go for made to measure.

Do I need a professional installer?

You don’t ’need’ a professional installer but that’s not to say they won’t do a great job.  All of our sliding wardrobe doors and interiors can be installed by a competent DIYer or a general handyperson.

How long do sliding wardrobe doors take to install?

The largest and hardest installations can still be done in a long day.  If you budget for a day and half of your fitter’s time, then you’ll both be happy with the result.

Can sliding wardrobe doors be installed by one person?

Most of the installation is a one person job, but the actual lifting of the doors upstairs, and the lifting of larger doors into the tracks should be done by two people.

What is the lead time on a sliding wardrobe door kit from date of order?

As of 23rd March 2020: Due to the on-going pandemic and Government restrictions most orders will take 4 weeks. Occassionally, due to supply issues on some materials this may be longer 4-6 weeks. We are doing our best to keep to 4 weeks but please bear with us.

If my opening is not square, will your sliding wardrobe doors work?

Our wheels adjust in height by up to 20-25mm, so the system can handle a sloping ceiling, floor or non vertical wall.  That said, soft close works better with a squarer opening, so try to get them as square as possible, but don’t panic if they are not perfect.

Are the height and width dimensions critical?

Always measure your sliding wardrobe door opening in 3 places on the height, and provide us with the smallest.  On the width, give us the largest.  Remember ‘smallest on the height and largest on the width’.

Do you have a showroom?

Our concept is simple.  We don’t have expensive overheads such as showrooms and pushy sales designers, and we pass those savings on to you.  We manufacture the best range of sliding wardrobe doors on the market, and use the same, or superior materials than other sliding wardrobe door manufacturers, in fact some of them will be our customers, so you can be sure our quality will meet your requirements, even before you see the product.

Can I order Sliding Wardrobe Doors & Interiors over the phone?

We are happy to talk you though the process on the phone, but all orders go through the website for your  data security.  We don’t store any credit card data here.  When paying through the website your details are verified directly with your card provider, and no information is seen or stored by us, leaving no opportunity for a security breach.

For further information, please call 0208 123 8686 or email